The Coin Purse Project

Around three weeks ago, my boy went home holding his work education project for their last term this school year. They were given pieces of leatherette specifically cut to make a small coin purse. They were already asked to punch small holes in each side of the material so that a nylon cord can be sewn into them to fasten the sides of the coin purse. Well, as easy as it may sound, it was not an easy feat for my boy.

That day, he went inside my room with a face full of disappointment and despair. He was frustrated and even questioned the purpose of the project. I explained to him that even young boys should be taught how to sew. I even told him how my dad made sulsi(sewn) the hems of our long pants back then. Oh well, I'm sure he'll understand someday.

I admit, what he did wasn't really pretty at all and, at that moment, I knew I had to help. Can you blame me for helping him finish the project? At least, I and his teacher knew that he already did his job in school. I just had to make it look a little nicer, hehehe. And besides, I love doing handicrafts! I give credit to my school for the handicraft skills I know now. I know how to embroider, to sew, and to crochet. It's a pity that we weren't taught how to knit. I could have made pretty knitted rugs if I only we were taught how. Even girls in our class were taught carpentry. There was really no stereotyping on what boys and girls should do and I appreciate that now.

Back to the coin purse project.... Here's the finished product:

I had to cut the edges of the cloth that were already sewn together. I asked Rap to use a ruler as a guide and mark the leatherette with dots using permanent marker. Then, our houseboy used a soldering iron to punch holes through the dots. I did the sewing part.

It looks cute, doesn't it?

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