Ten Years!

It's our 10th wedding anniversary today. While all of my pre-arranged plans have gone to waste because of trivial family matters, I am still happy of the fact the we have reached this milestone in our marriage. To think that our whirlwind romance was frowned upon by our immediate family. I thank God that He helped us in proving them wrong. Not every day was bliss, though. But every single moment was a learning and loving experience.

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  1. happy anniversary to you and your husband. wishing you more blessings.

  2. Ho Mauie! Happy Anniversary to you and you husband! wish you more happy years together...

    God bless!


  3. Congrats Mommy! Same pala tayo year at month nag pakasal. ^_^

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your milestone!! :) Ako nga nearing 6 months palang eh. Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to years and years of love happiness and togetherness!! :)

  5. AAW!!! Happy Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is such a big milestone like Didi said :)

    Cheers to 10 more years... and then 10 more years... :D

    Long relationships are such inspiration.

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