Meet Gabby!

This is Gabby, our youngest niece. She's the newest princess in my husband's side of the family. You see, before Gabby, my mother-in-law had five grandchildren. The oldest, who's now 16 years old, was the only girl. This is the reason why everyone adores this little girl. She really is a darling!

I had the chance to have Gabby all for myself in the airport while waiting for our flight to Naga City three days before New Year's Eve. At first, I found it cute to be running after her. But after a while, I found it tiring. I gave up in less than an hour. That's when I realized that I should be thankful I don't have a toddler anymore.

But then again, I'd gladly give anything to have another baby. Never mind the sleepless nights and troublesome toddler years. Baby and child rearing resources are just a click away, anyway. I am really hoping and praying for this so that I won't be running after baby nieces and nephews anymore.

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