LSM 1st Trimester Exam Reviewer for Grade 3 Math

You are free to reprint it should you find it useful as long as the watermark is left unaltered. The contents of this reviewer should only be used for personal purposes. I would also appreciate link backs to my site. :)

  • Identifying place value of whole numbers until millions
  • Reading and writing 3 to 9 digit numbers in numerals and in words
  • Renaming numbers using expanded notation and expanded exponential notation
  • Comparing and ordering numbers
  • Rounding off whole numbers
  • Reading and writing Roman Numerals up to 1000
  • Changing Roman Numerals to Hindu-Arabic and vice versa
  • Addition and its Properties
  • Subtraction
  • Solving 2-step Word Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction
  • Multriplication and its Properties

The worksheets I am posting were either used by my son or the students in my tutorial center. As such, the course guides that were used in making these reviewers were only the ones issued by their respective schools. For worksheet requests or for sharing your kid's course guide, send me as message through mail [at] the24hourmommy [dot] com. I will try to furnish one but that will still depend on my available time and references. :)

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  1. Hi There....can i download the worksheets and reviewers ? This will really be a great help for me, especially for my daughter for reviewing in her exams.

  2. Hi there...Can I download or print the worksheets and reviewers? This will be a great help for us, especially for my daughter for reviewing on her exams. Thanks. - Mrs. Abi Quilit


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