How We Made a Kab Scout Flag from Scratch

Ralph was "assigned" to produce a flag for their kawan(platoon) since he is their kawan lider. Actually, it was more of a group project but I'm guessing that my son, once again, volunteered to take over the task. I love doing arts and crafts project but I wasn't so much prepared for this one! Good thing that my husband was so interested in producing the flag and that he was on leave for a few days that I got the help I needed.

So here's how we made it...

First, we had to google for a tamaraw image. We found one that was fit to be a flag insignia but it looked more like a carabao than a tamaraw with its horns pointing sidewards. I had to do some tricks with Photoshop to make the horns point slightly upward. Here's how it looked like after the Photoshop task:

I stretched the image to fit a letter-sized bond paper and printed it. While my husband carved a plastic folder using this image to produce a stencil, I went ahead and sewed the hems of the flag.

Once the stencil and the flag were ready, we positioned them on the table for the paint spraying part. Since the plastic folder is smaller than the flag, we had to cover the edges with old magazine pages. We used blue Pylox spray paint for imprinting our insignia.

Here's my Kab Scout in full gear with their new kawan flag. By the way, that flag pole was from our paint roller pole. I had to ask the houseboy to cut the pole just a little higher than Ralph. The blue pole turned out perfect for our blue and white flag.

So, what's your verdict? Did we do a good job or not?

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