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Who says moms can't play? As much as possible, I want to be the coolest mom that I can be and part of that goal is being in the know of the latest games. My son and I bond through music, PC games, and PSP games. Not that I am old but, I guess, playing games keeps me young at heart besides giving me a break from the tension and stress of work.

Last August 20, 2009, I became part of a select group of bloggers who got introduced to Hello Kitty Online - Philippines. After a long wait, Filipino gamers and Hello Kitty fanatics can now go on a marvelous adventure with the Sanrio gang! We were fortunate to have been given DVD game installers and Founders Beta passes along with some Sanrio collectibles. Ralph did not come with me to the launch because he thought that the game is for girls only.

The following morning, I installed the game in my laptop and guess who had the chance to play first? Yep, it's the boy who thought that Hello Kitty Online is a girly game. But I love this boy so much that I let him get away with the crime of naming and creating my game character! I can't blame him, though. The game really is very appealing. Plus there are some mini-games in the game too that are part of the quests that some Sanrio characters ask gamers to accomplish. The dominantly pink background didn't bother him at all. I let him play the whole afternoon since it was the start of the long weekend. I just kept a close eye on him so he won't chat with other more mature players. It's our 3rd day of gaming and our character is now on Level 6!

If you want to be part of the Founders Beta stage, head on over to the Hello Kitty Online page and sign-up for a free account. Do hurry because slots are only limited. Installers are available from the same site. You can also play the game at any Netopia branch.

Hello Kitty Online is developed by Sanrio Digital and published in the Philippines by Level Up!, Inc. - the first and leading online game publisher in the country.

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