What is a WAHM?

A lot of my friends have asked me about my freelance writing gigs. Most of my friends who have asked me about it are new moms who want to enjoy more time at home with their babies but also want to earn on the side. They want to be a WAHM like me.

I became a Work-at-Home-Mom just recently when I decided to stop teaching so I can spend more time at home. Presently, I am working on freelance web content writing jobs, proofreading and editing, and blogging. Contrary to what my friends think, what I do now is harder than when I was still teaching. Teaching only takes 5 hours of my day while the time I spend with my online work is around 8 hours.

With the help of the internet, a lot of online earning opportunities have become available for aspiring WAHMs. Aside from freelance web content writing and problogging, other options include virtual assistance and online selling. A mom can even try to sell jewelry online.

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