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Mommy Moments: Pouting Face

9:20 AM

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Believe me, my son has pouting lips even without trying. Hahaha! This was a shot taken at the doctor's clinic after he had his blood test. We are always worried when he has fever because he's a Kawasaki Disease survivor. His pedia always gets a blood test done to rule out more serious illnesses like Dengue. Later on, the results showed a bacterial infection and was he was just given the usual paracetamol and vitamins.

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  1. Aww. Wawa naman. Don't worry baby, you still look gwapo in that picture. ;]

  2. Awww... Glad to know he's okay!

  3. awww...such a pitty, but it's ok,after a few minutes of sting from the needle, at least everything is a-ok!
    My MommyMoments

  4. awwww he wasnt't too happy lol..

    mine is up too, hope u can take a peek!

  5. thanks sa visit...

    nakakaantig damdamin naman ang pics na to....he..he...

  6. Glad the test results were not serious. cute pa rin kahit nka-pout.

  7. Oh my!!I'm glad he survived that Kawasaki disease--kawawa naman si cutie!!
    OO nga,in born ang pouting lips nya!!\(^0^)/

    Thanks for dropping by!!Have a great weekend to you and your family!!^_^

  8. he is cute kahit naka pout.. i am sorry to hear about his past condition. i am not very aware of that disease yet.. better check on it!

  9. Oh no! Payakap nga. Wawa naman! But I'm glad he's survived it all.

  10. Ooh, yeah when our kids get sick, it's really waaa... I wish him better health! :)

  11. Oh he looked so sad. Wish him good health, always. Happy weekend ^_^

  12. awww, pati si daddy naki-pout!!

    my first time here and great to know you thru mommy moments. I pray your son will always be enclothed with God's protection.

    Happy Weekend!!

    check out mine here:

  13. naku nakareceive pala ng shots kaya nakapout...

  14. nagkaron din pala ng kawasaki ang anak mo. Ang bunso nagkaroon din when he was five.

    Pero ang pouting face entry ko, nandito naman:


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