You're The 1, Goldilocks!

Who says a diabetic like me cannot enjoy Goldilocks? It is a fact that Goldilocks Bakeshop, the Philippines' well-loved bakeshop for more than 40 years, have a wide array of sweet treats. I know that I can't have those BUT my loved ones definitely can.

My father has suffered a stroke late December of last year. This was not his first but his fourth actually. His latest attack left him paralyzed and bedridden for a month. Now, he's walking on his own again but his left arm is still paralyzed. His stroke did not only affect him physically but also mentally. The rest of the family felt devastated that my father has become senile. He's already acting like a kid again with tantrums and all. Sometimes, he goes into a crying fit without any reason at all.

Me and Ralph with my parents. This was taken last March during Ralph's Recognition Day celebration.

We have a small tutorial center in my parents' property. Me and my siblings are the tutors. I teach during the weekdays so I get to visit my parents regularly. Before the stroke, it's my dad's usual lambing to ask me to bring bread for his merienda. When time and finances permit me to, I pass by the Goldilock's branch in Rustan's Pasig to buy him his pasalubong. I usually buy him his favorite Fluffy Mamon or Butter Slice. When I have a bigger budget, I try to buy even a small Crema de Fruta which is my Mom's favorite, by the way.

At his present state, he frequently forgets the things. He even got lost once inside the village because he cannot remember his way home after walking one afternoon. It breaks my heart to see that his health has deteriorated. I don't blame him anymore for what he's going through. He's my father after all.

Naturally, when the summer vacation started and I had no summer classes to attend to, I also started not going to my parents' place as frequent as I used to. My mom sometimes calls me up just to tell me that my dad's sitting by the driveway waiting for his mamon. He may have forgotten important things like names and places but he will never forget his mamon. At least I know that, even when the time comes that he has forgotten even the names of the members of our family, he won't forget me and the Goldilocks treats I brought him.

The Goldilocks Butter Slice and Fluffy Mamon that my Dad loves.
Images courtesy of Goldilocks.

You're the 1 Goldilocks, because you have been a part of this special connection between me and my ailing father.


  1. this is such a heart warming story :)

  2. this is such a heart warming story :)

  3. Goldilocks or Nothing! :)

    Club Tourists blogs Goldilocks

  4. My wife's really love Goldilocks!

    here's our entry:

  5. nice post! everybody really can enjoy Goldilocks products..=)

    btw, posted mine too,at last!=)

    Goodluck to us all!

  6. Congratulations for winning!!!


  7. Congrats, Mauie! I've added this blog into my list of Mommy Blogs. I will mention your name, too, in my Goldilocks post.

  8. congratulations on winning :-)
    well deserved. your entry touches the heart.

  9. I learn my Tetch of Pensive Thought that you won the second prize! Congratulations!

    Your story is very touching...

  10. Jennie of KikayCorner.netOctober 25, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    I remember this Nuffnang contest. The one that they said they're giving out HP netbooks, come event day, became Neo netbooks! Hahahaha! False advertising lang. Lol! Pero in fairness your entry was a real winner! :)


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