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Mommy Moments: School Days

8:39 AM

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As I took my teaching leave this year to focus on my freelance work so as to give more time for my family, I find myself alone with the househelp on school days. Ralph is now in Grade 3 and his typical school day starts the moment I wake him up at 5:15 a.m., give him a bath (yes, I still have to assist my sleepy child) and to feed him breakfast. The school service picks him up before 6 a.m. so they can make it to school by 7 a.m. School starts at 7:20 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. He's back home before 5 p.m., just in time for the merienda I prepare for him

I often compare how my school days were in the past to what my son is having now. School was much easier then, don't you think? Now, they have more complex lessons and they have longer school hours. Children are under so much stress compared to children in the past. This is one of the major reasons why I chose to work at home.

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  1. You said it! The school work every day is plenty! And I believe it gives the children no time at all to absorb and process the lessons before going into the next one. I think I've written about this before.

  2. Yeah I notice schools are more demanding now. Hopefully our kids can cope with that and still have fun after school. Have a good weekend :)

  3. You son has a very early daily start. I think all this school complexities are in keeping up with the times. I remember having just 5 subjects in the grades and that's it. My only extra-cur was piano and the choir.

    Nowadays, kids have tennis on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, karate on Wednesday, violin on Thursday, computer on Friday and so on. They seem to have more pressure now than we did during our times.

  4. That is so true. My son is just starting to go to school and I already feel pressured tutoring him just to make sure he can keep up.

  5. I guess parating pa lang ako dyan coz my kids are still at kinder--puro fun at school pa lang ang gawa nila.
    It's nice to know about your son and you here at MM.^_^
    Have a great weekend to you and your family and thanks for dropping by!!^_^

  6. Welcome to the club of WAHMs. Im sure its all worth it. Happy weekend!

  7. wow! I'm so glad that my son's schedule is not like that, his class start at 9 and we live so close to school, but still his dad have to drive him,kahit na less than 5 minutes drive lang, i woke up at 8 to prepare his lunch and breakfast, you are a super mom bec you wake up at 5am ,wow! kudos to you!!and btw, he doesn't look so sleepy on his school uniform. :)
    My Mommy Moments

  8. wow Mommy, ganyan talaga ang buhay natin. Taga lahat, hehehe! taga linis taga luto, taga hugas, taga ligo...But it's worth naman di ba?

    We find it fulfilling...Have a blessed weekend!

  9. Korek Mommy mas nakakapagod mag-aral ngayon lalo na sa mga bata.

  10. yes the lessons now are so complex and advance. I still remember I learned how to multiply when I was in Grade 3. My daughter is in Grade 2 but know already how to multiply and divide.

  11. thanks for sharing with us this week!

  12. Correct! I think the school lessons today are really more difficult compared to when I was studying.


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