A Bootiful Family Day

As this write-up is posted, I may be somewhere along the way to Bicol already for our scheduled week-long vacation. We needed to go back to Bicol to sign up some documents and for me to pick-up my driver's license card that I applied for last May.

Yesterday was the Grade 2 Lourdesians most awaited day. They were all excited the whole week because this year's Family Day was also made into their Halloween party! My son was also looking forward to attend the event that he even sacrificed his first day of MTAP training at Poveda.

As planned, I recycled Ralph's Mexican costume that he used a few days ago for the United Nations Day program. We bought some face paint sets last Thursday night on my way home from work. I cut a few pieces of cloth into squares and patched them into his camisa chino. I painted his face with orange paint and made black triangles for the eyes and face. Before we went to school, Junin, our houseboy, cut some dried grass from a vacant lot outside our house and prepared it so Rap can wear it under his cuffs. This is how Ralph looked like yesterday. And guess what? He won the Best Little Spook award. A co-parent even told me that if there was a "Most Unique Costume" award, my boy could have won it too! Truly, he was the only scarecrow among all the Grade 2 boys that were there that day!

I was the proudest mommy in the world yesterday! Not only because Rap won the award and added another medal to his collection but also because he did so well that day. The boys danced to "Thriller" and "Ghostbusters" and he was assigned as one of the leader dancers for the other boys who forgot the moves. He also had a solo singing performance and he sang "Yesterday's Dream". That number was only assigned to him a day before the event. He assured me that his Teacher Hazel practiced him well so I did not worry at all. The teacher even provided the music for the song.

After the program, we went to Ralph's classroom to distribute the treats that I prepared for his classmates. We also had lunch there with the other parents and kids. Before going home, Teacher Melba (his adviser) approached us and told us the whole story about the impromptu singing performance. She told us that it was the principal who requested that Ralph sing during the program. She said that Dr. Barbieto liked what she heard when Ralph sang the National Anthem and Lourdes Hymn during their Kab Scouts investiture a week ago. I was really surprised. I knew that he was doing well in school but I did not know that he's already slowly making a name for himself. I'm glad that his class adviser is very supportive in pushing Ralph to participate more in their extra-curricular activities. She told us that she's doing that so he can get more points for the honor rolls come final term.

God has again given me another reason to praise and thank Him more! I am truly living a sweet life!

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