My Big Sacrifice

I spoke with the mom of my student yesterday over the phone. She told me how sad she was that I would be taking a leave from teaching next year. I know that his son needs my help and that she also needs help in monitoring her son. It saddens me too but I know that I have to give more time for Ralph next year. I thought that it would be unfair for my son that I am helping other children with their homework when I can't even help him with his own.

Don't get me wrong. My son needs little help with his lessons. It's just that I know that I would need to supervise him more. He is undergoing a lot of stress lately. This stress makes him forget to take the right books home or the quizzes that he needs to study for the next day. He is still young and he needs supervision. I know that he's stressed because I am not around, unlike before, to help him cope.

I hope that my parents and siblings understand my decision. It's not like I'm leaving our entire tutorial business anyway. I will just be taking a leave. I promised my mom that I would still be in-charge of the administrative work like client calls and worksheet production. I know she will understand. She is, first and foremost, a mom after all.

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