What's Inside Big Boy's Lunch Box #1

This is a Lunch Box meme started by the FMB mommies.

Rap is a picky eater. He doesn't eat typical kiddie foods like hotdogs, pizza, pasta and ketchup. He hates anything with tomato sauce. He likes anything fried with breading. Today, he's having Chicken Popcorn for lunch. Chicken Popcorn is a regular in his weekly lunch box menu. I prepare gravy using gravy mix dissolved in hot water. He'll drink orange juice, too. For his recess, he will have Bread Pan and milk. He also has small packs of chips for his snacks in the afternoon after dismissal. He brings his water bottle everyday because I don't want him drinking from the school's water fountain. In his lunch box pockets are a bottle of gel hand sanitizer and two sandwich bags that we call his "jukabags". My son has motion sickness and he will need these bags just in case he needs to "you know what". I'm glad that he doesn't use up these bags too often anymore.

What's inside your child's/husband's lunch box?

The Lunch Box meme will be up all Tuesdays of November in The Filipino Mom Blog.

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