Me Time For Mommies

I met an old friend from Laguna at the gym yesterday. I was so glad to see a familiar face in the locker room. She was also elated as we sat in one corner to catch up on things. I almost did not recognize her because she looked a little different. In fact, it was her who recognized me first. My face didn't change a bit after all these years, so it seems.

This old friend is a stay-at-home mom. She said her husband requested that she resign from work to give more time for their son. I sensed that she would like to work again if there are opportunities for her. She asked me if I could hire her as a tutor in my center to which I politely refused because I cannot afford to hire one yet. I told her that she has the most demanding, yet the best, job in the world. I should know... been there, done that.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a big sacrifice to most women who have been used to working their butts in the corporate world and earning their own money. Yet, this job is the most rewarding compared to all of the jobs out there. Payday is everyday unlike when you're working in the office. Hugs and kisses are received 24/7. Working in a company, you get to receive only two bonuses a year at the minimum. Stay-at-home moms receive bonuses any time of the day whether it be an extra "I love you, Mom!", "Your pancakes are the best, Mom!", or a relaxing back rub from the husband at night. Stay-at-home moms also receive compensation after the children are all grown up, even greater than what a working mom will receive come retirement day. Your hard-earned "pension" is the love and care that your children will reciprocate as payback for all your sacrifices. Not to mention the praises that you will receive for rearing such wonderful kids who will turn out to be successful adults someday. That's why I raise the roof to all the SAHMs out there.

Maybe now you're thinking why I left my job as a full-time stay-at-home mom to become the teacher I am at present. Let me just put it this way, I came to a point when I assessed myself and realized that I have done all that is needed to be done during my son's foundation years. (See, even a stay-at-home mom needs to some self-assessment reports, too!) My child needed to spread his wings and he had to start learning on his own. I also needed to feed my hunger for self-worth and financial independence. When he started to go to school, I also went on to graduate school and re-invented myself. Still, I chose a field where I can still be closest to my son and that was through teaching kids. I also made it a point to put my family second to God. I taught in a school that was just near our place that my son was able to visit me after school. I also put up the tutorial center so that I can take control of my time and still perform my mommy duties. After all, I am still a full-time mom.

I told my friend to enjoy every SAHM moment that she's having now and savor it while it lasts. Honestly, I am missing the times when I had all the time in the world to cook, watch Oprah, blog, play music, tend to my garden, and take a nap with my son. She will know when the time is ripe for her to spread her wings and fly like what I was able to do. She said, "In God's time." to which I strongly agreed. The "Me Time" will come when God decides that she and her child are both ready to soar.

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