A Fun-Filled Family Day

Last Friday, I received the tuition refund from Lourdes School of Mandaluyong. Rap was entitled to a 50% tuition discount for being the Grade 1 Silver Medalist last school year. It was just around 6.9k because the school already took the 11.8k that we were supposed to pay before the 18th for miscellaneous fees. Super happy parents naman kami, of course! The miscellaneous fee should have eaten a large chunk of our monthly expenses this August if it were not for the refund. I thank God for giving me a gifted child!

As a reward, after hearing Sunday Mass today, Dadijun offered to bring him to Ark Avilon at Frontera Verde. It's Rap's wish to be able to visit Ark Avilon as early as the first day it opened. We didn't bring him there because we felt we will not be getting value for our money. We were right, by the way, the place is just what I expected it to be. The animals here are almost all farm animals and we just finished touring the place in 30 minutes. It was somehow a good thing that we went there during this rainy season. We felt cool and comfy while sitting by the benches. All of my disappointments were erased when I saw how my son was enjoying our stay there. He was so energetic going around each animal and saying all the facts and trivia that he can remember about each of them. I think we also spent around a hundred bucks in buying talbos and carrots to feed the animals. I felt happy that we bonded again as a family. I let go of all the pressures that has been bothering me and ran around and played with my family. So I think that's the best thing that you can get for your 200 bucks per head entrance fee in Ark Avilon. It's not so bad at all.

It was almost 2 pm when we went out of the place. We initially planned to have lunch at Blue Whale that was just beside the ark but the restaurant was exclusive to two private functions that day. We headed off to House of Minis instead. Rap is really a fan of steaks. This is the first time we ate in the restaurant because we usually have House of Minis steaks at the Crossings foodcourt. I think that branch is closed already because I didn't see it there last Friday. Rap had Tenderloin Tips, Dadijun had Mixed Seafood, and I had a well-done Porterhouse. Each was a full course meal that came with soup, dinner rolls, salad, drinks, and dinner. It was relatively cheap compared to eating at TGIF because our total bill only amounted to 1.4k. Solved nanaman si Rap!

Then, we went to visit my father-in-law at the DWIZ 882 station in Kapitolyo, Pasig. We stayed there until it was time for his program that is aired every Sunday at 4 pm. We stopped by Robinson's to do some grocery shopping and headed home.

Rap's day did not end at home yet. As a personal reward from me, I gave in and made him a twitter account. My son's a blogger and I always encourage him to develop his writing skills. But now he has less time for blogging during school days. Twitter is good for him because he can now posts mini-blogs by texting his updates on the go. He has his Plurk account, too! Super tech savvy na talaga ang mga bata ngayon. I just make it a point that I regulate his use and I control all the passwords and comments in his account. I also monitor his internet usage.

Tomorrow's the start of another busy week for my family. For five days, we will be seeing each other for a few minutes in the morning and a few hours before sleeping. I can't wait for the next weekend so I can be able to spend another family day with my two boys once again.

Here are the pictures taken today:

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