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I was serving Ralph his breakfast one morning. It was around 5:30 in the morning and I was anxious that the school service will arrive anytime soon. His breakfast was instant seafood mami and I was constantly asking him to finish his food before the school service arrives. It seemed that it the soup was too hot for his tongue to handle. This funny scene went like this:
Me: Rap, dalian mo na. Darating na si Mang Rudy.

Rap: Teka Mi, napaso ako. Palamigin ko muna ulo ng tongue ko. (I think what he meant by "ulo" was the "tip" of his tongue, hehehe.)

Me: Ulo? Kelan naman nagka-ulo ang dila? Akala ko tao at animals lang ang may ulo.

Rap: Mi, ang tyan nga may boses eh. Maingay pag gutom.

Me: (Simultaneously dumbfounded, annoyed, and amused. After a few seconds... ) Hay naku, pilosopo, mag-abogado ka na nga lang paglaki mo. Kikita pa tayo.

That's my son. The young pilosopo that he is. I have blogged about his trait a few months back. I think witty is the more applicable term. He's just seven years old but I can talk to him like I talk to any other adult. These moments just make parenting a worthwhile experience.

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